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Students Playing French Horns
High School Music

Become part of ECS' award-winning music program! Learn more about Band, Choir, and Orchestra

two students building robots
High School Robotics

One of Elkhart High School's most popular afterschool clubs is our ELKLogics Robotics Club. Learn more about ELKLogics Robotics Club!

Students playing chess
Check, Mate!

Learn more about opportunities for elementary students to participate in academic-focused activities - Elementary Activities

Middle School students playing the flute
Middle School Music

ECS Middle Schools are where a love for music and musical performance are born, starting with sixth graders. Learn more: Middle School Music

Students with Solar System Model
Science Fair

Each year, students from across the district participate in building-wide and city-wide science fairs. Learn more about ECS Elementary Activities!

Madrigal Singers performing
Madrigal Choir

Hear ye, hear ye! Have you heard of the Madrigal Singers and their annual Madrigal Dinner? Learn more about the Madrigal Choir!

bowling ball and pins
EHS Bowling

Strike! Bowling is just one of many activities available for EHS students. Learn more about our High School Clubs!

Elementary Students building robot
Elementary Robotics

Elkhart Community Schools is proud to offer a comprehensive robotics program for elementary students. Learn more about elementary clubs and programs!

students performing play on stage

Have you found your home on stage, or maybe behind the scenes? ECS' Theatre program may be the place for you! Learn more about ECS Theatre!

Welcome to Elkhart Activities!

This site was created to help our families learn more about Elkhart Activities, including Art, Music, Theatre, Clubs, and more! Explore and learn more about the many opportunities available for ECS students, from K-12! 

Excellence of Elkhart

Looking for additional information about Elkhart Community Schools? Visit our primary Elkhart Community Schools website or select from the following options!


Elkhart Community Schools delivers a rigorous academic experience for all students from PreK to Graduation. Learn more about ECS' Curriculum. 

ECS Curriculum



Students at ECS have endless opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities, such as Band, Theatre, and Clubs. Learn more about ECS Activities.

ECS Activities


Athletics are often a rallying point for a community and Elkhart is no different. With over 25 high school sports, as well as offerings at the elementary and middle school levels, ECS student-athletes give their all to proudly represent Elkhart. Learn more about ECS Athletics!

ECS Athletics

College and Career Ready

Elkhart students have the opportunity to earn a college Associates Degree prior to graduation. ECS currently offers over 30 classes with college credits through Elkhart High School and over 30 CTE programs that offer college credits or certification through the Elkhart Area Career Center. Learn more about our College and Career Readiness.

College and Career Readiness

Life Ready

Just as important as college and career readiness is "life" readiness. In addition to teaching practical courses like personal finance, all ECS schools use a PRIDE rubric that recognizes students' positive behavior in five life-readiness areas: Persistence, Respectfulness, Initiative, Dependability, and Efficiency. 


Elkhart Community Schools News & Events

Learn more about ECS News and Activities!

Latest News

Upcoming Events